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What is JT65-HF-Comfort-


JT65-HF-Comfort is an extension of Joe’s (W6CQZ) excellent decoding software JT65-HF (Version for digital mode JT65 operation.´Comfort´ means you’re instantly able to see whether a certain callsign or country was already worked. This helps you to decide within a few seconds (between decoding and start of new TX-cycle) which decoded station you’d like to work. It prevents unwanted dupe QSO’s. Besides this main feature there are several other goodies that make operating JT65 more comfortable.




Current features


 1. Check whether a decoded call or country is already in your log book and gives a color-coded feedback

     plus warning  messages


 2. Supports several log book formats i.e. MixW2,  HRD-Logbook , DX-Keeper and Log4OM


 3. The name for your log file can be freely chosen


 4. Decoded callsigns will also be shown in a tall bookmarking row above the associated signal

     in the  waterfall


 5. Option to set up an 'Ignored Callsign'-file for station you intend not to work


 6. Display of beam direction and distance (toggle between km and miles)


 7. Additional QSO window allows to superimpose TX/ RX-text to see your own QSO-history. The station

     on your own frequency will be identified in the RX-window by '=' .


 8. Transmit log


 9. Option for auto-saving QSOs


10. Statistical feature for worked countries and callsigns


11. The main window is available in 2 sizes ('Large Screen' and 'Small Screen') The picture below shows

      the 'Large Screen'


12. Option to erase RX-window and bookmarks in case of frequency change


13. Twentyfour (24) programmable soft keys, which can be assigned with pre-defined functions

      via the   right mouse button


14. Option to define a default macro which will be loaded into 'TX Text...'  at programm start


15. Backup/Restore option for your personal setup


16. Backup option for your log file


17. Transmit power adjustments can be done via the windows volume control as well as ´JT65 comfort´

      internally. In case of non-linearities in your AF channel to the transceiver you have the option to

      create an equalizer in your setup 


18. Your own macro panel with 20 macros and 2 wildcards


19. Option to display real frequency band limits (not just audio)


20. Option to disable the automatic 'TX-Enable' depending on call status






Decoded calls can be seen as 'bookmarks' in the row  above the waterfall. This enables you to see who is active on which frequency. The screen shot also shows how the call/country check results are displayed. The status of the callsigns will be shown in different font colors (not seen in this example) 


Largescreen_Ausschnitt_Schriftfarbe.jpgIn column 'Q' you're seeing the country status, were 'W' means 'worked' and 'C' means 'confirmed'.   Capital letters are used for the current band while small letters are used for any other bands. So, the letter combination 'Wc' means that the respective country was already worked (W) on the current band and confirmed (c) on another band.



The user manual includes a detailed description of all programming and setup features. The user manual can be found in the '\doku\' folder.


For proposals, feedback and questions please use my email address dl3vco@gmx.de. In case of problems please include some helpfull screenshots in your email as they will enable a quick response.












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