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The JT65-HF-Comfort is a completely stand alone software package that can be installed in parallel to the original JT65-HF software by Joe, W6CQZ.

When doing a new installation you need to configure the Setup first. This can be accomplished quite fast as there are not too many entries needed.

The download offers a complete installation (–install) and an executable file (–exe).    In case you're planning to do an update to an existing JT65-HF-Comfort software, you only need to exchange the .exe-file to the newer version. This enables fast and easy changes, corrections and program extensions.

The version number of the installation package is not necessarily matching the .exe version as it is updated at a later point. When doing an update, your setup entries will be kept.


Attention - please 'RTFM' ! 

Please read the "Comfort-Manual"  before starting your installation and setup of JT-HF-65-Comfort X.x 

The manual can be downloaded as .pdf-file below.






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